How We Work

Information about how the lab runs, our ethos, our processes and the methods that we use. 

Check out the videos below for general information about the lab, or see information on methods, including brain stimulation, vocal tract MRI and brain MRI

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Charlie is interviewed by James Goodman about the research that group is interested in, our ethos, and how we conduct our research. 

James joined the lab as an Intern. James is studying Biochemistry with Management at Imperial College London. 

He has an interest in science communication and media. He helped to develop some of the content on this webpage - check out his research summaries and other interviews!


Megan Woods talks about her Summer Internship as part of the group. 

"Hi I'm Megan and last year I completed an undergraduate internship with Bangor University I worked on an exciting project with Dr. Charlie Wiltshire examining the neuropsychology behind stuttering.


This study used transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, to safely deactivate regions of the brain to see what the effect on speech production. My role in this internship was data analysis. I was trying to use multiple softwares such as product and our studio to do this.


I had a lot of fun completing this internship and it's been great for my CV. This research has been accepted into the 13th Oxford dysfluency conference and having my name attached to that has looked great on my CV. Overall, it was a really fun and rewarding experience and definitely something you should apply for!"

Charlie supports multiple summer interns each year. These are funded by the School of Psychology and Sport Science or external organisations. Contact Charlie for more information (